Prostar has been a blessing to us

My name is Montana and I am a homeowner in Abilene Texas. Let me preface this letter by stating that I am very particular about who I recommend, especially when it is something this expensive. About a month ago, we had a terrible hail storm to our newly purchased house. When Zack arrived to our house, he was extremely patient. This was our first claim on homeowners insurance and we had a lot of questions. He spent about an hour talking to and then surveyed the damages. Structurally the roof was not going to leak in the immediate future but there was definitely some questions about how much more it would withstand. Zack never assumed we would hire Prostar to replace our roof and explained that we were under no obligation to select them. We found ourselves in a familiar situation as others asking ourselves “Who do we hire?”. When you are looking to spend any large amount of money it is always smart to look around and make sure you are getting the best deal you can. We spoke with two other recommended local roofers. They were horribly unprofessional and told us our roof was outdated and not worth the money. Maybe that works for some people but all I hear is that you don’t respect my property or value my time or business. I do not regret my decision to hire Prostar Builders. Every step of the way, I could call Ross or Zack and they always took time to explain every step of the process. When we couldn’t decide between two colors, I asked for a color sample. The next day I had a four foot panel at my door. I was concerned about my new sod and there being nails everywhere, so Zack appointed someone to keeping the property clean during the construction. Zack even assisted us in finding a new shed and had it built on a new foundation. Prostar has been there through the entire process to ensure everything was done properly. The roof was installed quickly and professionally. Their crew chief arrived every morning on time like clock work and each evening the property was clean of any debris. Zack was constantly walking around the property inspecting the work and asking us if we were happy with the work. I have recommended Prostar to 3 of my friends (2 will be replacing their roof and 1 will be building a new house). My advice to you is the same I have given to all, always go with your gut. I hired Prostar because they were different from the rest. I don’t know what type of roof you are purchasing but I can tell you that Prostar has been a blessing to us. I am so glad that we elected to use them and I wish more companies had the morals and work ethic they have displayed.