Why? Two Reasons:

Solar is good for the environment and great for your bank account!

Take Control


It all comes down to renting vs. owning. Owning almost always makes sense. Nationwide electricity rates go up about 4% every year. The cost of your utility based energy will continue to rise, but you can lock into savings with a fixed price for generating your own electricity, by adding a solar system to your home.

Your current rate, electricity usage, tree shading, roof direction and shape are what effect qualification. We offer no-hassle assessments and can typically get you an assessment within 1-2 business days. Why wait? Find out today how much adding a solar system to your home can save you!


The time is right!


There’s never been a better time to save on a solar system for your home. The cost of Solar panel installation has decreased 65% in the last 10 years!

Solar at night?


Net metering compares the amount of energy your solar system is producing to the amount of energy your home is currently using, the difference is the net you get as either a credit or a bill. Depending on how many credits you have, you can enjoy the benefits of solar even when the sun isn’t shining. In some areas, net metering isn’t available. For those who don’t live in an area with net metering options, having a hybrid solar system with batteries may be the right choice.

Adding batteries to your solar system stores the excess energy when your solar system is producing more energy than you are consuming. They reduce your reliance on the grid and even provide power to your home when the sun isn’t shining. A solar system with batteries is amazing because your home will have power in the event of an outage and you’ll maximize your energy efficiency when utility rates are the highest.