Can I walk on a Metal Roof?

Yes you can walk on a ProStar Metal Roof because all of our metal roofs are backed with our injection molded foam backer. If your roof does not have a foam backer do not walk on that roof.

What if I have a metal roof already and it has been damaged by hail?

Great question…not everyone has our foam backer under their metal roof so if you think you might have damage call us, we are insurance experts. We will come out and inspect your roof at no charge. We will take pictures and do a complete inspection, once we have completed our inspection we will give you a written report complete with pictures. If we find sufficient hail damage we will work with you to file a claim, we will also meet with the claims adjuster. Zack and Ross have over 4o years combined experience working with insurance adjusters and have a extremely successful track record working to get their customers total roof replacement including our one of a kind injection molded foam backer.

Is a Metal Roof noisy?

Not at all, once again with our injection molded foam backer your home will actually be more quiet than a conventional roof.

Will a ProStar Metal Roof Lower my Insurance Premiums?

Yes in most cases… you will receive up to a 30% discount, here’s why. All ProStar Metal Roofs have a class 4 certification, what that means is our roofs are extremely hail/dent resistant. One of the main reason our roofs are so dent resistant is because we install a injection molded polystyrene foam insert under all our roofs. Our foam backer has a density level of 1.85 that is the same density as a foam coffee cup. A foam coffee cup is only 1/8th of an inch thick, our insert is One and a Quarter Inches Thick. Our foam backer allows the painter, the plumber, or the tree trimmer man to walk on the roof, with our foam backer you could play a football game up there and it will not dent! It also makes the roof more energy efficient as well.