All I can say is that my new roof looks awesome

Hi my name is Jesse and I had some of the same concerns as you. Using an established company that you can be there down the road is important but more importantly to me was getting the job done right because this product should last an extremely long time. I just had my roof replaced at one of my rental properties that had a similar product on it for about 30 years. My real reason for replacing the roof was that the original owner added on to the house and that part developed a bad leak. It was poorly constructed as a add on, we also had a bad hail storm that came through Allen and working with Ross to deal with my insurance was a blessing. The insurance adjuster was more than hard to deal with and Ross coached me as to how to get through that nightmare. As for the roof, I chose the steel because my old aluminum did get some holes because of the baseball to grapefruit size hail but it still didn’t leak water. The reason I chose the steal is that some squirrels had chewed through them in some spots. The other reason I choose Pro Star is because of Ross. I’m a sales manager for a large company and I’m always interviewing candidates and I manage several sale associates and a good sales person is hard to find that knows his product, and helps you with the buying decision and to help you choose what is right for your needs. All I can say is that my new roof looks awesome and my leaks from the add on are gone! If you want to take a look at my property just let me know and I will give you the address in Allen Tx. Also feel free to call me on my cell phone if you have any other questions.