Will a ProStar Metal Roof Lower my Insurance Premiums?

Yes in most cases… you will receive up to a 30% discount, here’s why. All ProStar Metal Roofs have a class 4 certification, what that means is our roofs are extremely hail/dent resistant. One of the main reason our roofs are so dent resistant is because we install a injection molded polystyrene foam insert under all our roofs. Our foam backer has a density level of 1.85 that is the same density as a foam coffee cup. A foam coffee cup is only 1/8th of an inch thick, our insert is One and a Quarter Inches Thick. Our foam backer allows the painter, the plumber, or the tree trimmer man to walk on the roof, with our foam backer you could play a football game up there and it will not dent! It also makes the roof more energy efficient as well.